19 April 2015

Ashley, My Niece

Almost 27 years ago, Sister called to tell me she was having a baby.  To say that I was over the moon would be a complete understatement.  I recall running all over Funchess Hall (Auburn University Building) telling absolutely EVERYONE that I was going to be an Aunt.  Back in those days you didn't find out whether the baby was a boy or a girl....I was hoping for a girl.

In early Fall of 1988, Mother phoned me to tell me that she and Daddy were on their way to Sister's house...the baby was on its way.  The whole day I waited and waited to find out how things were going and then I got the call, the baby was here and it was a


She had me wrapped around her finger with one little glance of those beautiful green eyes!  I guess I loved her as much as you can love a child that isn't your own.

Here is one of me and Sister with Ashley, taken on  Easter morning at home in Enterprise.

Fast forward some 17 years and we found our way back to Auburn(I still can't believe that).  Ashley had graduated high school .
She was heading for college at the one and only... the best college in this fine state of Alabama...none other than  the Auburn University!!!

She had grown up to be a smart, wise and absolutely gorgeous young woman.  Then one day she told me that she was going out for the Auburn University Tiger Eyes...aka the flag line with the band.  Without a doubt I knew she would make it...she had, after all been on the flag line in high school not to mention a majorette....all those dance and baton lessons Sister took her to had surely paid off!  This photo is one of Ashley at her first dance recital.

  She made the line and we were absolutely thrilled!

It gave a brand new meaning to Auburn Football for the entire family.  Sister and her Mister, along with their son were here for every single home game.  We went to pep rallies in downtown Auburn, took her to those early morning game day practices(parking was a premium and it was better for her to be dropped at the practice field rather than drive herself) before the game Tiger Walk where the band plays their way into the stadium.....and then of course the games!

Around the end of marching season, she met a young man and they fell madly in love.  We were quite pleased that he was an Auburn man.  The next August they were married.

This photo of Sister with Ashley is one of my all time favs!

Her prince charming is living his life long dream of being a pilot for the USAF.  His job has moved them around a bit but that as they say is to be expected.

In October of 2014 she called me.....that sweet little girl that is now all grown up called me to tell me that SHE was going to have a baby.

To make this even sweeter of an event is the fact that her due date is the same day that I had our youngest son, John.  

They have opted to have this be a surprise so we do not know if it is a boy or a girl...I'm kinda glad that they decided to do that.  With one look at her tummy, I've made my speculation as to what this precious bundle is.

Ashley looks fabulous doesn't she?!  Stay tuned as I hope to get pics of the nursery soon!

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  1. Your such a sweet aunt to dedicate a post to your niece. I enjoyed reading about her.

  2. I just became an aunt for the first time about three weeks ago. I enjoyed reading this so much. You are too sweet!!


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