12 March 2015

Decorating the Top of a Refrigerator

Do you decorate the top of your refrigerator?  It might depend it your fridge has cabinets that cover the top of yours.  In the 5 houses we have owned I don't recall if they had cabinets that would have prevented me from decorating over it or not.  But in this home, there are cabinets that are over the fridge but it is not counter sunk.  I probably have maybe 18 inches or less to play around with.
During Christmas I had a collection of Christmas cookbooks along with other random kitchen Christmas decor over ours.  After the holidays,I just left it bare and pondered what I might put up there...all the way to March I pondered.
Then I decided to move a few things around and  this is what I came up with!  Since my cabinets are white and I have stainless appliances my kitchen has a tendency to feel cold, at least  to me.  So I put a Demijohn along with some wooden boxes filled with dishes and cookbooks to warms things up.


Do ya'll ever buy stuff and then decide you really don't like it but you paid so much for it you feel "married" to it?  Enter my cheese slab.  I loved it when I got it, but then I brought it home and the thing is HUGE!  So it has been here and there all over the kitchen but maybe, just maybe it has found its final resting place.

The "fridge" top looks pretty snazzy I think and it seems like it warms up the space!

 I'd love to hear from you all, what do you have atop your refrigerator?

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  1. You do have a "snazzy" fridge! I love your cheese slab too! Your vignette looks great! I can't decorate the top of my fridge because of the cabinet above it. I'm laughing because I have a large black tray that I paid way too much for and it's too big! It's on my kitchen island and hogs the whole thing!

  2. I think that looks GREAT!! There is not a cabinet over our fridge, and it looks like there should be. It is HUGE space. Right now I only have a ceramic rooster up there. I need to add a few things. You did a fantastic job.

  3. That is great...the story and the vignette!!! I have a number of things that I either paid too much for - or - were a gift that I just can't justify dumping :^) Such is life. I have most of my refrig out in the air, so I can put a huge bowl up there for chip bags etc.. (and that's a whole OTHER story). One thing I would caution you about....if your plate stand doesn't have soft rubber feet, you might want to set the feet on some small dots of rubber matting. That's all I have to say about slipping feet.....and you don't want to know how I am aware of the problem!!
    Be blessed,


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