07 October 2015

A Charles Faudree Inspired Wall

The first time I saw a Federalist Bull's Eye mirror in a Charles Faudree book I knew I had to have one.  Last fall I got lucky and found one at a great price.

For a year now, it just hung on the wall in the family room.  Right by itself.  When I envisioned it hanging in our home it had Blue Willow plates hanging all around.

Fast forward to today when Bestie N popped over for visit, I mentioned that we had to relocate the mirror to a new wall.  Just like that we were rehanging the mirror and I had pulled out all my spare Blue Willow plates. Hello my name is Tamyra and I am a Blue Willow Plate Hoarder Collector.

After all was said and done we stood back and admired our handy work.

All afternoon I've stood and just admired from all angles/views!

This wall is just fabulous don't you agree?!

 photo signature_zpsea91d061.png


  1. Oh my goodness Tamyra, that looks so good. I don't blame you for just staring at all afternoon. Yes it does look fabulous! Kathy

  2. I am admiring it as well!!! It looks wonderful. I just love the traditional look and antiques.

  3. Tamyra, your mirror is fantastic and the Blue Willow plates look stunning around it! I love your style! You have such an inviting home!

  4. LOVE the third shot down...beautiful display!!


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