11 October 2015

Homecoming Dance

If you follow the blog on Instagram you might have seen my posts of John asking a girl to go to the homecoming dance.

Since he went to so much effort it was a good thing she said "yes."

Last night was the dance and the kids had so much fun.

John is not much of a picture taker so I had warned him to be good!

I adore how the kids now days go in groups to events just like this.  Even the "date free" go and often you don't even who does and doesn't have a date.

As the mother of a boy, my task of shopping for the appropriate wardrobe for him was not with out lots of compromise.  It still doesn't compare to what the mother's of girls go through....the dress, makeup, hair, nails, jewelry and shoes.  Speaking of all that "girl stuff" I'd be remiss to not mention how gorgeous John's date was and who could not notice how dapper John was!

I may or may not have held back tears of pride as they left for their date.

A reminder that childhood is temporary...

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  1. oh yes....so temporary. mine have left the nest...and the house is just not as lively as it once was. Sheila


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