28 August 2016

Finding Things To Do With Groupon

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Sometimes I sit around and wonder where the time went with both of my sons.  They are young men now at ages 16 and 21.

When they were younger I had no problems occupying their time.  But as they have grown up some how Legos and trips to the pool don't see to fit the bill, imagine that. Since they are both now driving and dating the whole "what are we gonna do this weekend" comes into much of our conversations.  My suggestion is almost always the same, have you looked at Groupon?
It generally yields lots of options for local activities as in movies tickets, bowling, restaurants and museum shows.  I adore how Groupon gives experiences and not just restaurants, water parks and ticket deals, but I sure do like those!

Often times when I am helping one of them look for things to do I find lots of activities for Honey and myself like dinner out!

Groupon also sparks creativity in planning an outing.  On Groupon Things To Do there is something for everyone.  It is easy, quick and affordable fun right at your finger tips...or should I say the click of your mouse usually from the comfort of your home!

I would love to hear what you have found on Groupon that has saved you money and were fun to do!

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