01 August 2016

My Youngest Drives Away

It seems like ages ago but way back in May, our youngest, John turned 16.  You might have seen the Instagram pic about it.

The very day he celebrated his birthday he also had to take the AP European History test.  It was a long tedious afternoon for all that takes that test.  It takes months to get the results.  After taking the test John didn't feel very confidant, he even went as far to say that he was sorry he wasted our money.  This course is a college level course and if you make a certain score it qualifies for college credit, thus the reason we paid for the test.  Turns out he didn't waste our money he made the highest score you can make a 5!!! After the test we took a few of his friends out for a celebration at a Mexican  place he likes to eat.

 And yes they did sing to him in spanish!

After dinner, they headed to our neighborhood pool for an evening of cards and swimming.

We had already been looking for a car prior to his actual bday but had not found what we wanted. Our search continued until last week when I walked into Mike Patton Honda of Lagrange, GA.

Now ya'll, in the past few months I have met with countless car salesman, but the folks at Mike Patton Honda were first rate!  Meet Adam Black, my salesman.

I can't use enough adjectives to describe what a super guy he was during the entire process.  He has even text and called a few times to check on John and the car.  If you are in the area and need a car I'd highly recommend Adam and Mike Patton Honda.

John was very happy to end up in an SUV since he has 2 rather larger band instruments he has to fit into it.  The SUV is not new but the interior was extremely clean and had been well taken care of.

This morning as he left for band practice I snapped this pic.

I can't help but think about the countless hours I've spent over the last 18 years waiting in car rider lines for both boys.  Those days are over now and to be honest, as he drove away I felt great pride and a wee bit of sadness as this stage in my life is over.

Over the years I've reminded myself when I felt overwhelmed with motherhood that childhood is temporary!

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  1. A big congrats on the AP exam! Wowsers! Snazzy car for those band instruments too. Freedom for you not to have to drive so muc...but the worry of kids on the road. Cell phones help moms! 😊


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