27 March 2017

A Blue Willow Tablescape

Each New Year's I very quietly make resolutions...that I share with only one person...my friend Karen.  She holds me accountable without going all...you haven't lost 25 pounds yet but keep up the good work accountable.  In addition to my no more lamps resolution(see Instagram for that)I also vowed to be more bold with my decor.  To stop playing it safe with colors.
Blue Willow Tablescape

My love of Blue Willow is hardly a secret.  It always amazes me with what inspires a tablescape.
Last summer at Pier 1 we had this pretty flamingo plate that I simply adored.  It sat on top of a very simple, pink, round placemat.  Ya'll we had a ton of those left going into the fall, I'd look at them and think if I knew what I could do with those I'd get some.  As ya'll know my house doesn't lend in the direction of pink. Then those very placemats went super duper clearance like 18 cents each clearance.  I might have bought way more than 6!  Then it hit me...like a truck.  What if I paired the pink placemats with some Blue Willow?!

 The tall blue and white vase was a find over in Pine Mountain, Ga.  Adding florals really makes it seem like spring.  Here is a little tip when adding florals, to keep them from flopping over(which these did) I use scotch tape that I place in a grid on top of the vase to keep them standing up.

The pair of Double Happiness jars long with the single candlestick holders complete the look.

Double Happiness Jars with Blue Willow

 The napkins are paper, I've had them for years.  The colors in the napkin play so well with the dishes and the placemats.
doublehappiness jars with blue willow

Ya'll get ready....I'm already working on some bolder use of color elsewhere!!

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  1. Tamyra - I love the floral napkins with the blue willow.. the mix of colors really pop against each other.. Great Job.. I'm happy to hear you're going bold into using more colors. Best of luck in your new endeavors. It's not always easy but I'm sure you'll accomplish the goal


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