09 January 2018

A New Sofa

I'd like to start this post by saying how absolutely excited I am to finally have a new sofa.  If you've followed the blog since the beginning I bet you are wondering why we got a new sofa as the other one was not quite 5 years old.  There is a story that I need to tell to explain why we had to get a new sofa.
Way back in September on a Sunday we opted to not attend church.  I don't even recall the why of not attending but we didn't.  It turned out to be a blessing that we didn't go.  Around 11:30 am John was having lunch at the island and I was standing at the sink when he yells to me "Mom, you have to see Cody."  There stood Cody covered in blood from his mouth to his toes.  I began to shout out orders and I put shoes on and swooped him up and headed to the vet's office.  After a few minutes the vet informs me that Cody has a laceration under his tongue and would need to stay the night after surgery.  What we thought was a laceration turned out to be far more critical than we ever would have imagined.  I won't go into graphic detail but, Cody's health declined over the next 6 weeks and at the end he had lost all control of his tongue.  He had a mass at the base of his tongue and what was believed to have been a laceration under his tongue was most likely a rupture of yet another mass.  We buried Cody in our back yard with the other cats we've lost since moving back to Auburn.

On the initial day of his illness had we not been home from church that day he would have bleed out.  He lost a tremedous amount of blood that day and the bulk of it was on the back of our sofa.  No one discovered it until I got home from having taken him to the vet.  I did my best to clean it up and for the most part I did.  Cody owned that sofa!  He was responsible for every single solitary claw mark on it.  He gave that sofa a good working over no doubt.  It might have only been 4 years old but it looked 20.  I had said long before the event that I wouldn't get a new sofa until Cody had passed knowing he'd ruin the next as well.
With Cody now gone, I knew I could consider getting another sofa.  There isn't a furniture store in a 60 mile radius that I didn't travel to and window shop sofas.  When all was said and done the sofa I liked the best and felt would be the most serviceable sofa for our family that still includes 2 more 15 year old cats(think crazy cat lady, I'll own it) was one I found right here in Auburn at Badcock furniture.  This is most definitely not a sponsored post!
There were 2 sofas that I liked, I even did an instagram story about them back in early December.  The" Charlotte" came with a total of 5 throw pillows that while they were nice, they didn't go well with the custom drapes I have in the room.  So for now I'm still using the pillows that I already had on the old sofa.  Expect to see some different pillows in the future as I'm officially on the hunt!

 The color is pretty similar to the other sofa, you might not have even noticed the difference had I not mentioned it was a new sofa.  The color is kind of a tan with a twinge of gray...I'd call it Puddy if I were naming the color.  Badcock offers a warranty against a host of things that can go wrong with your sofa.  If you don't have to use the warranty they give you the price you pay for it (which is $60) back after the 3 year mark.  I assured the sales gal that no worries with that as I have every intention of using this warranty... think 2 cats left and kids still at home!
 I was pleased to find a sofa that was affordable, less than $600 on sale. The sofa was made by Simmons.  It is comfortable to sit and lounge on.  The pillows on the seat are firm so I hope this means they hold up well to our use and the remaining cats...Avery and Smokey.  You see a shot of Avery coming around the side of the sofa in this pic.

Thanks to you all for letting me tell the tale of our cat, Cody.  I have had cats for the entire 52 years of my life and I have to say he is without a doubt the best cat of them all. Everyone that ever met Cody would tell us what a great cat he was.  When we vacation we always have someone stay in our home and this past year the guy that stayed called me and said that Cody was nothing but a love sponge....he soaks up all the love in the room.  He really did. 

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  1. What a sweet tribute to Cody. I was so sorry to hear what happened to him. What an adorable kitty he was. He looked so adorable with his sneakers on.


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