06 February 2018

For the Love of Blue Willow

If you've followed this blog for any length of time you know that I positively adore all things blue and white.  There has always been Blue Willow in my life.  As a wedding gift, my parents were given an 8 place setting along with serving pieces by my Father's parents.  Doesn't that sound like an incredible gift?  I wish someone would "gift" me more Blue Willow!
 Here is the problem, my mother never and I do mean never liked it.  She so disliked the pattern/plates that she allowed us (me&Sister) to play in the dirt with them.  Ya'll I played house and made many a mud pie with Blue Willow!
blue willow vase

Now if you've either stopped laughing or crying I'll continue...

It wasn't until I moved to Auburn in 1983 that any of us realized the value of those "dirt" plates.  There was an antique show in the local mall and I couldn't believe there were Blue Willow dinner plates with a price tag of $50.
  I recall the phone conversation I had with Mother, her disbelief of their value.  My next trip home I made sure a piece came home with me.
It is truly something I can't explain but I'm drawn to blue and white.  Surely it was imprinted on my mind as a tot!
blue and white platter

My love of Blue Willow has never been stronger.  My collection or obsession which ever you'd like to call it continues to grow.   The majority of my collection has come from thrift stores and antique stores alike.  Of my Mother's original set I probably only have less than 4 pieces which is really a shame.  When you play in the dirt with anything you can't imagine it will be around years later though.  Sometimes I vow I will never buy another piece....then I come to my senses!

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  1. Beautiful post Tamyra! I share your love of blue willow and lucky for me my mom loves it and has quite a nice collection that she shares with me.

  2. I love all of your blue and white. There is just such a crispness to in decor. I remember the couple I babysat for in middle and high school had a ton of blue and white in their home. I loved it so much than when I graduated from high school and they gave me a gift certificate to a local gift shop I bought a set of ginger jars. I don't think many high schoolers buy those with their graduation money. I still have them. I know you wish you had those pieces back.

  3. All your willow dishes are so beautiful........I love the look of blue and white, it is
    so fresh and pretty and delightful.........You did such a lovely job on all your vignettes too. Nice to meet you here in blogland. as I don't think I have ever run across your blog before.


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