27 April 2018

Out in the Garden

The other day while taking photos of my friend's screened porch I snapped a few pics around her garden.

No doubt she has one of the prettiest outdoor spaces I've seen.  She has the perfect blend of shade and sun which offers the ability to plant a variety of things.
Last summer, she had the largest fern in this spot that I'd ever laid my eyes on.  Maybe these ferns will out do themselves this year!

I'm seriously jealous of her hostas.  We've never had a spot to grow them.

The iron horse hitching post greets her guests out front.  The lamp post behind the horse along with the pair of wrought iron fencing guides you to the front walkway.

The fire pit is just beyond the gate.  In case you need fire pit inspiration read all about that here.  Isn't the entrance fantastic to the fire pit?! More hostas and the ivy make excellent ground cover.

A matching pair of wrought iron patio table flank the patio.  The same pots grace each table.  I bet she puts up umbrellas before too long!

Of all her amazing outdoor spaces I'd have to say that the next pic might happen to be my fav!
I never know what I like the most...the topiaries, the concrete lion, the bench, the awning, the asparagus ferns or the pencil hollies.  Just perfect!!!

 My friend has invited me back a little later in the spring or early summer to see what everything looks like in full bloom!  Stay tuned!!


  1. So pretty and yes go back for more.

  2. So glad your friend let you take pics of her garden. Beautiful, love the antique pieces in her gardens. Please share pics when you visit again.


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