19 September 2018

A Thrifted Chest

For ages I've wanted a new chest to go into the foyer, a bow front chest to be exact.  As I've antique shopped over the years I've seen several chest that I'd have love to have owned sadly, they were not in my budget!

I'm a firm believer that good things comes to those that wait.  Last Friday when I spied this chest I knew my waiting had come to an end.  As I looked at the price tag of the chest I wasn't sure if I was reading it correctly so, I asked my friend if the tag said $110.  Her first words were "ask what their best price is."

This beautiful piece came home with me for less than $100.  Patience my friends...patience!  I'm glad I've waited for not only a good piece but a good price as well.

The chest fit perfectly into the foyer!  After a bit of styling different lamps I knew I had created the perfect vignette.

The shop that I found it was a new place over in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  It is called The White Rabbit.  She has many pretty things that I'd say are mostly vintage.  Should you be over that way stop by and see what she along with the many other antique stores there have to offer!  My chest had been in a home on base at Fort Benning for many years I understand.  This chest is not an antique, it doesn't fit the criteria.  At the least it it is probably from the 50's, the drawers are immaculate condition and are dovetailed.

This is my view from the living room sofa and I simply adore it!  I couldn't be more pleased with my latest thrifting find!!

Get busy shopping ya'll...you never know what waits for you out there!!!


  1. What a great find Tamyra. And it looks so good in your foyer. Your blue white collection on top of the chest is perfect. I know you will enjoy that piece for many years to come.

    1. Next time you are over in Callaway you must stop by and see that new shop!

  2. It looks lovely! I love those traditionally styled pieces too. Your beautiful home is definitely my cup of tea!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm stuck on being traditional and I can't change!!!

  3. This is a classic and timeless piece. It compliments all the other beautiful pieces you have in your wonderful home.


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