20 September 2018

Flavors of Fall

Welcome to the Flavors of Fall Progressive Dinner!  I'm delighted you've stopped by!  If you are coming over from Confetti Style  welcome!  The tablescape that Shelly created was nothing short of gorgeous don't you think?  For this progressive dinner party, I'm sharing what I like to do for hostess gifts.  If I know the host well, I try to incorporate their hobby.  If it is a themed party/dinner I try to put that into the thought process for the gift.  Since our progressive dinner party having a fall theme I thought I'd go on with something with Halloween flair & colors!

I started with the darling cat trick or treat bag from JoAnn Stores, adding some paper napkins and treat boxes also from JoAnn's.  Those were obvious items to me to use and they were easy to find and affordable.
The other items weren't very themed by themselves.  As I strolled the aisles of WalMart I saw the gray dish towels and immediately thought how they could be "Frankensteinish" is that even a word...today it is!  Adding the pops of bright green utensils and the orange bow it gave it a very Halloween feel.

In full disclosure I often recreate this hostess gift through the year with dish towels that fit the season.  If we have several parties during the Christmas holidays I buy a large bundle of red and white dish towels and separate them.  In addition I add a few wooden spoons or pot holders and tie with a piece of matching ribbon.  The gift is always met with great enthusiasm and with surprise that someone would gift something so practical!  Our generation is the group that goes to excess when so many times simple is more appreciated.  Remember that it isn't how much we spend on the gift, but that we let the host know that we appreciate the trouble she/he has gone to in preparation for our arrival.
You are in for a treat as you head over for cocktails at Atta Girl Says!  



  1. Tamyra what a cutie pie of a gift!! I have a friend who is crazy about cats and I now know what to give her as a gift. Great job and presentation

  2. This is such a cute hostess gift for a Halloween or fall party. I love all the thoughtful, themed touches.

  3. Tamyra, what a great host gift idea and I’m all about practical. With these tips, I’m going to stockpile some towels and I’ll be ready for my next invite l. Thanks for sharing.


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