01 October 2018

Fall Touches

The calendar may say fall but the temperature here in Alabama say anything but!  Truthfully, I struggle decorating for fall when we have still been in the 90's!  I've pressed on and have fall touches around the house...just for you all!

When it comes to decorating for fall I always start with the coffee table.  Our coffee table gets quite the work out day in and day out!  As I type this post my feet are plopped right on the edge of it. HA!  When it comes to the changing seasons the coffee table does get a refresh, yet I do my best to keep it simple since it is in constant use!  This fall I added to my velvet pumpkin collection.  I found Lizz + Pipp Handmade via Instagram and they are here in Alabama!  The royal blue pumpkin is a great match to the Blue Willow...I'm going to need more of these...like alot more!  Also, this is not a sponsored post.

Almost always there is a collection that sits atop a tray on the coffee table.  I like to group those items, it gives some order to the space.  This tray is an English antique and it moves all over the house. 
 The colors of the biscuit barrels add warmth to the table and the time of year, the Imari plate I think pairs well with the colors in the tray and the Blue Willow piece.

 Moving over to the mantle I opted for colors that while they compliment the coffee table they are a bit not the normal fall colors...usually.  They are in the blue family and you all know I adore blues!  As soon as these pumpkins were available at Pier 1 they came home with me!  Some of the other pumpkins I've had for years.

Rarely, do I use fresh/real pumpkins as they tend to rot quickly in this heat!  I'm not complaining, I LOVE hot weather!  I'm probably the only blogger that dreads fall!  HA!

The kitchen got a wee bit of fall. The colors of these pumpkins work well with the current kitchen decor.

My English trug was an ideal spot to toss a few pumpkins into.  I waited for ages to find a trug and the color of this one was worth that wait!

With that I'm ready to tuck these pumpkins up in the attic.  I'm ready to move on to decorating Christmas trees, anyone else?

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