27 August 2019

Antique Crests

Botanical prints have long been a fav of mine to use in our home.  These prints have been in this spot for 6 years now.   For ages I've wanted to shift the prints that were on the wall going up the front stairs to another location.

What was I going to put on that very large wall?!  Meanwhile, my growing collection of shields/crest were spread out around the house without much notice.  I decided to group them all together on that wall.

Ya'll these were  picked  up all over the place, thrift stores, junk stores along with a few of the antique stores I love!  The big red one, $6 at a true junk store.  


This large gray and red one isn't that old I don't think, though weathered so my guess is that is was hung outside.  I picked it up at Scott's Antique market from Hedgerow Antiques!  If you haven't met  Laurie at Scott's you need to!  She always has the most incredible and unique pieces!

Some of these are absolutely new and I selected those for the color!  The wooden plaques came from England and I believe they are of a military background.  

Regardless of where they came from they all marry quite well.  Since I'm forever on the hunt for more, I'm certain the collection will grow!


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  1. This looks phenomenal Tamyra! A collection makes such a huge impact when you display everything together. I know that wall will be completely full before you know it!


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