22 January 2020

The Bar Cart

With every change of season or holiday the bar cart gets a refresh.  It is a fun spot to decorate and best of all it is mobile!  For sometime now I've adored bar carts so much so that I have 2...3 really if you count the one in the attic!  Here are a few pics of the 2  used the most.

Usually, the one I use indoors resides in the dining room. For special days like birthdays and other events it gets moved about the house.  Clearly, bar carts aren't just for bar accessories and spirits.
Last year, I was inspired by a blogger that shared her bar cart with china and serving pieces on it.  Meanwhile, this fabulous monogrammed china I found at Scott's Antiques was languishing away in the bottom of the china cabinet just waiting to make its debut on the blog! Having seen hers I didn't hesitate to  clear summer items off the cart and carefully placed the china on it.  The look was perfect for the fall and Christmas holidays.

Pictures won't do this darling 2 arm boudoir lamp justice. It was a terrific find at Montgomery Antiques in a booth having a 50% off sale!  The barrel shades give it a bit of an updated look!

Added to the bottom shelf are a few assorted pieces I've picked up here and there.  Ya'll know how much I love a decanter so it was fitting to put a few from my vast collection on here! HA!

With Valentine's day coming soon, no doubt the bar cart will get a new look!  But for the next few days I'm still loving the way it is right now!



  1. The bar cart is a great way to have some seasonal stuff out without it being too much. I love it as it is right now with the china. It makes a great New Year's January look.

  2. Tamyra, I'm so glad you found that monogrammed china. It adds the perfect touch and will always be in style. That lamp was a great find too. Love those 50 percent off sales.


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