22 September 2020

Fall Kitchen Tour

The kitchen did get a fresh fall look over the weekend.  As I've said many times, fall is my least favorite of seasons.  That said, I've made an effort to make the kitchen a bit festive for fall!  The Island is the most fall of the spaces.
The small touches of orange work well for the kitchen.  I've put a few of the treats my crew likes on the tiered server.  Honey loves candy corn and the boys though not home often have always loved a sucker!

The Happy Everything plate always brings a pop of color to any space.  The glass pumpkin was a clearance find last year at Pier 1.  Have I said how sad I am that they have closed?!  We all love Goldfish so I've added those to a small Blue Willow bowl.

The oil painting over the stove was a find during our vacation.  I'd looked for ages to find an oil painting that would work in this spot.  
Rarely have I ever brought fresh flowers into our home and that had to do with the fact when our cats were living they would eat the flowers.  That never had a positive outcome, so I just never had them around.  Now that we are a pet free home I often forget I can bring in real plants and flowers!  These certainly brighten this corner of the kitchen!

 Maybe I'll bring out a few more pieces the closer we get to Halloween.  For now this is a perfect start!
Pop back tomorrow as I share our kitchen table!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!


  1. Well your painting was just perfect. Love the flowers with the blue behind.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! You can't imagine how delighted I was when I found that painting!


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