23 September 2020

Fall Kitchen Table

Our Kitchen table is a work horse.  I can't even begin to name all the countless things that take place at our table that also includes eating.  It is often difficult to keep the table free of other items but at the beginning of the holiday season I give it a real go!  This assortment of pumpkins dominates the table along with the lantern.
Speaking of lanterns, this one always gets pulled out in the fall due to the copper finish.  Inside the lantern I've placed a pillar holder with an orange candle and 2 fall napkin rings.  Yes I took the round part of the napkin ring off but, the small pumpkins were ideal to put inside the lantern.

I always look for small votive holders to place around displays like this in the fall.  The candle light sets a certain ambiance to the home.

In case you didn't see yesterday's kitchen tour here is a view of the table looking into the kitchen!



  1. Well for someone who doesn't like fall colors you pulled it off.

  2. I gave it my everything for sure!! Which isn't even close to my "everything" for other seasons or holidays!


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