19 February 2013

Coastal Guest Room

Ya'll, I am positively delighted to share our Coastal Inspired Guest Room.  If I had to chose a favorite room in our house it is the Guest Room. 

While in Atlanta shopping, I stumbled upon this gorgeous print and fell head over heels in love!  Upon first glance there was little doubt that it was inspired by a view of the marshlands of Georgia.  The artist is Charles Leonard and you can find his website here.

This table spent most of it's life in my Grandmother's home and when she offered to let me have it I was positively ecstatic.  It has been all over our house but found a perfect spot in the guest room.  The books on top are books that I've enjoyed for many years, the shells were collected by myself and the boys over many trips to the Georgia Coast.


1 comment

  1. Your guest room sure beats mine . . . mattress thrown on the office floor. :-(


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