12 February 2013

Our Fifth House

In January 2007, we made the move into our 5th house.  Our home in Savannah sold within two weeks of listing, which was good news/bad news.  This meant we needed to find a house fast!  My first and only house hunting trip was a total bust.  The Hubs was tasked with picking out our new home, funny thing is I wasn't concerned at all. We never stayed in a house longer than 2 years so, I figured we would be fine with whatever we landed in. This house from the start needed so very much done to it, so we started with the exterior. This is how it looked on move in day.  

.  The first thing we did was to consult with a landscaper.  The landscaper said we needed "movement" in our design, not to mention lots of new shrubs and a few ornamental trees.

 This is how it looked when we were finished with all the exterior improvements.  We added shutters, changed  the color of the front door and updated the light fixtures with spray paint.  The landscaping had a big impact. 



  1. Welcome to blogland, Tamyra! Beautiful landscaping that you added to your front yard.


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