25 May 2013

Darling Little Light Fixture

Many times I have looked up at this light fixture and wondered why on this earth it is still there.  Aren't you all jealous of this boob light along with its smoke detector side kick?

 This space is technically part of the family room but almost an entrance into the master bedroom.  So as I have looked for the perfect replacement I knew it couldn't be too large.  Recently on a trip to our local antique store this darling little light fixture just jumped right into my cart!

 It was originally a brass finish that I quickly spray painted bronze.  And promptly got hung as soon as it was rewired.  The boob light left a pretty big hole in the ceiling so we hung a simple medallion to cover.  Around the medallion will need to be repainted as well as the entire ceiling in the family room and that is planned for later this summer, when handyman Bob has recovered from his broken arm as of yesterday, poor me and poor Bob!
It gives a romantic feel at night, the way the light dances on the ceiling.
I positively adore this space now!


  1. What a great find! It looks perfect with the secretary and lamp. Love it.

  2. Much better than the "spec house" sytle light!


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