17 May 2013

Living Room Drapes

I just love changing things around in our house.  For some time now I have wanted to update the living room drapes. This room has the potential for a big change in regards to furniture in the near future so I didn't really want to get custom treatments for this room.  Recently, on a trip into Tuesday Morning I got VERY lucky!  These are the drapes that were up.

Here is an up close of the new drapes.
I'm so in love with this fabric! And this is how it looks in my living room now!
Why yes, I have been moving furniture around...all over the house!  The chest that was serving as a bed side table in the guest room has moved back downstairs.  It seemed like a waste for such a pretty piece to be out of view.  It is a little cloudy out today so the lighting doesn't seem quite right.  I'll take another pic on a sunny day soon as we have one!

I can hardly wait to reveal the update for this room as well as the Family Room!  


  1. Great find, Tamyra! They look perfect in your living room. Looking so forward to seeing the reveal!

  2. Tamyra,almost bought these two weeks ago for my bedroom, glad you did!


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