01 May 2013

Foyer Lighting

It is bad isn't it when you can't recall what the lighting in your foyer was like when you moved in 6 short years ago?  I have no recollection whatsoever.  But what I do recall is that whatever was there had to go.  I should have waited, how many times have we all said thought that?!  At any rate with the other changes going on in our house I knew that what I had put up was probably not the best it could be.  My designer agreed.  While we were out shopping at a local antique store(she was shopping and I was just trying to keep up)Lisa spied what she said would be perfect for the foyer, thank God for her cause I would probably just walked right by it.
This is what I had...and as you have all come to expect from me, here is the only before pic of the light that was up.

And here is the one we got.

It is probably about the right time that I introduce my handy-husband Bob...this is not my real husband I just like to call all the handy guys that come out, my "husband"...I have a plumbing ,hvac, drywall and electrical husbands and I'm currently interviewing computer fixing husbands!  Enough with my nonsense, Bob comes and does just about everything I need done...All I have to do is call. A reminder, Mr. Positively claims to not be handy at all.  

One day I am going to blog about Bob's house, his wife has become a dear friend and she has a fabulous eye for design!
So here is my light fixture,I literally squealed with delight when it was up!
I'd say I'm about halfway finished with the foyer, but then again are we ever really finished?


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  1. Oooh - I love it, Tamyra! Gorgeous, gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished foyer.


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