17 June 2013

Kitchen Transformation {Before & After}

When we were looking at homes to buy, the one thing that I remembered about this house was the kitchen.  This kitchen seemed to lack personality, not to mention it wasn't very big.   Looking back it wasn't what I was getting here in house #5 but more about what I was leaving behind in the Savannah house.  This kitchen has received a few updates in the 6 years we've been here....we will just say she was having an identity crisis and leave it at that!

That was pretty much what it looked like on move in day.  White... really white would be that one word to describe it.  The counter top was white Corian, white cabinets, and white appliances.
While we are on the subject of appliances, one morning I prepared dinner and put it in the oven around 9am.  It came out around 4pm.  Why so long you ask?  Because the oven when into lock mode and started performing the self cleaning feature all by its self.  The smell of burning meatloaf quickly alerted me something was wrong.  Fortunately I knew to flip the breaker since you can't EVER open an oven that has locked itself and you also can't turn it off...FYI!
 Never again did I trust that oven...can you distrust an appliance?  Her breaker remained flipped off until the day she moved out!
  The need for new appliances led to a kitchen reno.  The 2 level island always made the space feel divided, so we made it one solid piece.   The light fixture was changed, which I now see as a mistake even as lovely as it is. I'm looking for something not so large. And of course, all new stainless appliances that I polish every.single.day!
I was pretty please with this update.  Still it seemed to be missing something and that something was drapes!
Here is my new and restyled kitchen!

Short of the occasional Keurig or Kitchen Aid mixer do you rarely see an appliance sitting on a blogger`s kitchen counters.  But I'm keeping it real....cause we REALLY use that toaster oven.

The kitchen curtains give the room some texture and warmth. 

 My MIL gave this to me one year for my birthday, it is a pic of our boys on a sand dune on a beach in Virginia.

It almost feels like we are living in a completely different home with the update of the family room and the kitchen!  Finally after 6 years I can say, I really like this house!



  1. I just popped over from Dixie Delights and I wanted to say hello. Your kitchen is beautiful! Love your style!

  2. I'm over from Dixie Delights, also, and LOVE your style.


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