18 June 2013

Wedding Season

Growing up as I refer to it "in the country" you typically live in close proximity to extended family.  This is very true for me.  My cousins lined part of County Road 610 and served as neighbors and playmates.  Two of my dearest cousins/playmates grew up into beautiful women that I am now proud to refer to as some of my closest friends.  One of those gals recently got married for the first time and I was there for ALL the wedding festivities. So indulge me by taking a peak at a few pics!  The wedding was held at a quaint little  place called Sweet Gum Bottom Bed & Breakfast.  The grounds were gorgeous!

These fabulous ladies are all my "kinfolk." The bride and matron of honor are those cousins/playmates I was referring to. The lady in the middle is my cousin that happens to be their Aunt on their Father's side, the only surviving member of of their Father's family.
This knife is somewhat of a family heirloom.  It has cut all of our (the cousins) wedding cakes.  A treasure to passed down for sure!
I positioned them together without their ability to see each other...thought this might be a cute before shot!  Yes, it pains me to post a pic with a shirt like that on my blog....but I'm just going with it! WDE
I spent the better part of her wedding day with her...all that before and after stuff, so I thought I deserved a photo op before she walked down the isle.

Finally.....the Bride & Groom
My most heart felt, best wishes go out to both of them!

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