03 June 2013

Styling the Built In Cabinets

For as long as I wanted and waited to install the built ins you would  have thought I'd have know exactly what I would put on each shelf. Well I kinda did and then kinda didn't. In my mind at the time, the thought was get some books, pics, what nots and just stick them up there.  All and all the job wasn't too bad. Here is a reminder.

When looking back over my photos, I realize the need for more weight.  The less is more approach to the shelves is also something that needed to be changed. 

 Since I was a little girl I have loved my Mother's Blue Willow. So I began to collect pieces that were similar, so I put a few more pieces of that on the shelves.

 This shelf is a fav of mine.  The vase was a wedding gift from a dear lady, the stack of books beneath it are written by my Father In law, and pics of my boys.

This is another fav vignette.  These pics are of our oldest son in those sweet, early years!
 The Hubs is an avid reader, several years ago he made the plan to read a book about each President,so you see  political diversity there.  And I tossed in a few blue and white pieces to make it look pretty!

I picked up a few pieces of faux coral for the color and texture.

Surely you are all wondering why I have a brass frame on that shelf.  Well there is a very good reason.  That is the first pic we took as a couple and put in a frame all the way back in 1989.  Sure wish I big hair was still in style...I will always love it!

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  1. The blue willow pieces that you added to your built-in really bring it to life! It all looks great. BTW - I wish big hair was still in style too!


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