29 July 2013

Window Shopping a Furniture Store

Everyone has that one store that they love to window shop.  Once a year I get to window shop at Taylor's House on St. Simon Island and on occasion I actually make a purchase.  Mostly I shop Taylor's  just to oogle their gorgeous rooms for inspiration.  This year I walked out of the door with lots of ideas for a few diy projects!

 Sorry this one is so out of focus, not sure what went wrong.   I still felt like I had to share because it would be so easy to diy!



  1. Tamyra, it was great meeting you at Haven this year. I'm so glad we got to spend time together. And thank you for the Coke. :)Let's get together again, ok?!

  2. It was so great meeting you at Haven, Tamyra. You were so sweet and funny.
    Mary @ At Home on the Bay

  3. Thanks for following along on instagram...looking forward to reading more about you!!

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  5. Nice to read about window shopping in furniture showroom..Its interesting..Thanks for this post

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