02 July 2013

Georgia's Golden Isles

Out of all the places we could vacation, the Georgia Coast will always be our first choice.  Some 22+ years ago Honey brought me here on our honeymoon.  Prior to the honeymoon neither of us had ever been there so it was new for both of us.  More often than not we spend our vacation between Saint Simons Island & Jekyll Island.  We drive over from Alabama and it is a really nice and easy drive.  I love those little south Georgia towns we drive thru on our way.  As we get close, off in a distance we can see a bridge that for me, marks the beginning of the vacation.

 The Sidney Lanier Bridge is such a majestic landmark.

If you can love a bridge....I do!  As we drive close, I insist on rolling down all the windows and sucking in all that salt air and marsh smells!  For a moment, nothing else in this world matters to me but just being here!


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  1. Oh, I agree. When we travel to our beloved NC beaches we always roll down the windows and take the sea air in. It's a rite of passage to paradise! Enjoy.


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