04 July 2013

Saint Simons Island: Arrival

This place is just like home to us...not really... but considering we always stay in this Villa, it is home to us.  We've gotten to know all of the full time residents in this section of Villas and their pets. In this section that we stay, there are 2 of the original owners from the 70's.

Just gorgeous...it is...with all those live oaks dripping with spanish moss.  These villas were built back in 1972, I adore the 70's architecture.  The units are all independently owned but are leased/rented through a variety of options. That being said, the decor is varied by unit.  The Villa we stay in has a golf theme.  

I positively LOVE this floor lamp!

As soon as we got settled in it was time to just.......relax!!!

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