23 August 2013

The Powder Room

Our powder room has worn many faces in these short 6 years we have lived here.  On move in day it had red & cream toile wallpaper above the white bead board.  Ya'll know I love some toile but folks....red...not so much.  The fixtures were brass or brass like.  As hard as I tried I couldn't dig up a single picture of this room.  Looking back I think what bothered me was the white bead board and the cream in the wallpaper.  That came down before the end of that first year and was replaced by yet another wallpaper.  Again....looked for a pic but I must have destroyed all evidence of having selected such a horrid paper.
The powder room is a tiny space so, 3 years ago I decided to just try paint thinking this would lighten it up and make it feel bigger.  Replaced all the hardware and light fixtures.  Bought a gorgeous piece of art and picked a color that complimented it.

For the first time I was "satisfied" with this room.  There was never an inkling that I'd want to change it...ever again.  Then the AC to the bonus room leaked....just enough to circle the ceiling and make the wall look rippled in a 3 inch spot.  This needed to be fixed.  I had always thought that crown molding would really dress it up.  Bestie Beth's husband is a master at woodworking and he volunteered to cut & install the crown.

You all remember that fabulous blue heron I bought on vacay, in case you missed it here it that post.  I knew this would be perfect in the powder room.

 I set out to pick yet again that perfect paint color and chose Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. 
After the trim was painted, the ceiling came next...my first time ever with an entire ceiling in a room painted a color other than white!  LOVE it!

The powder room isn't completely ready to reveal, which is short for I haven't found a mirror to replace the one that is up there. So stay tuned for her big reveal!


  1. I love that blue Heron! I have 2 blue Heron paintings at our summer cottage and we have a blue Heron that visits our dock regularly. My family calls it "my bird" as in, "Mom, your bird is on the dock." I think they are so elegant. I know that the painting will be the "piece de resistance" for your powder room!

    1. Pat, I would love to see those blue herons at your cottage, they are such beautiful birds!

  2. Revere Pewter is perfect with your blue heron--what a score on that mighty bird! The crown molding is the perfect icing on the cake. You will find the right mirror and it will fall perfectly into place! Great job. (Glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't document all of my decor changes in pictures--just and oversight but it makes me crazy!)

    1. Thanks so much for the kinds words. I do think that Revere Pewter is my new fav paint color! I am still searching for that mirror...one day!


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