10 September 2013

Hanging Botanical Art

At long last I finally have found art that I wanted to hang on the stairs.  Botanicals have long been a fav of mine. There were a few prints that I had been watching at a local antique mall and I just couldn’t make that decision to buy.  Last week my friend, N text me and said “I’ve found the perfect prints for your stairs.”  She sent a pic text and I could hardly believe my eyes…the very ones I’d been looking at and they were 50% off.   She picked those up for me, popped over and we got to work hanging those prints along with some other botanical prints I already had. N has great style and an even better eye for dressing a room!  We moved a mirror from another spot and it couldn’t have made a bigger difference.


To finally have art on my stairs just thrills me!


  1. Tamyra, your steps walls are stunning with the botanical prints! I adore botanical prints too! The mirror is just perfect for your space! Waiting to complete this wall really paid off! What a great friend you have in N!

    1. Betsy, there is another thing we have in common, botanicals! Thanks for the kind words. I hope to blog soon about N's house..you won't want to miss it!

  2. That area is styled beautifully! It did make a tremendous difference! Great job!

  3. I love this and I LOVE the yellow! I am in the process of trying to coordinate picture on our stairs too. Ours go straight up - I love your curve. I also adore the mirror. Great job!!!


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