22 August 2013

The Welcoming House

One of the highlights of vacation for me is to do something I can't do at home.  This includes eating fabulous foods, taking in  coastal scenery and of course shopping.  There is nothing better than going into a shop where the owner has hand picked each and every item. As I meandered through these many shops on St. Simons I noticed that almost every single store had this  book called The Welcoming Home.  I decided having only gazed at the gorgeous cover, that the author must have been from the area.  I do this...I get caught up in the beauty of something and pay no attention to details.
While visiting one of those stores...more like ogling for more than an hour while Honey roasts in the car cause this is not a "man" shop I struck up a conversation with one of the owners.  I ask...what is the deal with this book...I am seeing it everywhere...who are these women.  She walks right over to me and picks up this book that is still encased in a plastic cover, puts it in my hand and begins to tell me that I MUST have this book...Bunny Williams wrote the forward for crying out loud.  She walks me right to the cash register and less than 10 minutes later I am leaving with said book.  During this experience I play along like I know who Bunny is, after all, at this point she seemed more important than the actual writers of this book.  For the record I when I got home I googled  Bunny and am now well versed in who she is.  But back to the book.....friends....as I was told...you MUST have this book! 

 Here is just a peak at the inside cover!
 And another for good measure!

The authors, Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith walk you through these homes that are  filled with southern charm and decorated in the most exquisite way.  This is a book that I will continue to enjoy for years to come! 



  1. I have toyed with the idea of purchasing this book but have not done so yet because it is always encased in plastic and I can't take a peek and it is expensive! Jane Schwab graduated from the same small women's college that I did so I should bite the bullet and make the purchase for the sake of supporting a Converse sister. Sounds like you had lots of fun on your vacation!

    1. Pat, I've since found it on Amazon for less than I paid. It is such a gorgeous book!


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