21 March 2014

Antique Shopping

By now you all know that I love antiques.  Since I was a young girl I could appreciate things that were old.  I was fortunate to know two of my Great-Grandmothers.  The one that I lived in close proximity to us had an assortment of old and useful antiques.   Now... raise your hand if you were a 14 year old girl that wanted a pie safe more than anything? * Raising my hand with enthusiasm!*   The Great Grand had a pie safe and on a trip to her house I ask her if I could have it one day, she said YES! I  knew then and there that I would always love old/antique pieces.  And I want to know the story behind the piece if there is one.  That sometimes is almost as important at the piece itself.  Over the years, I've picked up antiques around the country as we have moved.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am always hash tagging Pine Mountain and Old Chipley Market. So I decided it was high time I share the spot with you all.

For some reason me and my antique buddy always head upstairs first.
 Maybe it is the blue and white dishes that pull us upstairs first.  On the wall opposite the hutch with the blue and white dishes is another hutch with red and white dishes, no clue why I didn't get that pic.

 That door needs to go home with me...if only I had a spot for it.
 The table in this pic is from the late 1800`s.
I can't even begin to imagine where this large drying rack would have been used!
That mirror and coat of arms begs me to take them home every time I see them.  My antique buddy made it into this pic!

So after seeing all the gorgeous antiques over at Old Chipley Market, I'm sure you will all dash right on over!  Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I have to get back to Pine Mountain! I see so many wonderful items! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    1. Betsy, it was my pleasure! Let me know if you head that way and I will meet you over there!

  2. Ohhh if I lived close I'd definitely have to make that one of my frequent haunts....plus I totally agree with you. If I had a spot, that door would be mine!


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