10 March 2014

Saturday Shopping at Scott's Antiques

My passion for antiques has rubbed off on my sister.  She has heard me rave about my previous trips to Scott's Antiques and decided it was high time she made a trip with me.  Before we got there I cautioned her not to be overwhelmed when we drove into the parking lot...cause ya'll..it is HUGE!  Sure enough, we drove into the parking lot and she was already saying OMG! I always start at the South Building first, my fav vendors are there.  This is a great shot of what it looked like when we first walked in.

 There is so much to look at you don't really know where to start.  I usually head to those fav vendors first and I always start at Hedgerow Antiques.  They know me by name/face and you know that goes along way!
Here is a view of what their booth looked like.

After countless oohhs and aahhs over all of the FAB items, Sister and I had made our selections.  The teapot she picked out is gorgeous.  It was a wedding gift dating back to 1886.  I'm gonna save my find for another post.

 Sister also picked out an oil painting for above her fireplace and wouldn't you know it, I forgot to take a picture of that.
Another fav of mine to see at Scott's are all the pretty plates/platters along with Staffordshire figurines and believe me there are plenty to see there.

I'll share my finds at Scott's later this week, so be sure and come back!



  1. Tamyra - Thanks for posting the great pictures of Hedgerow Antiques! It made my day to pull up your blog and read the generous comments. Look forward to reading more Positively Southern posts! I'm going to try Pinning the picture of the teapot....see you next time - Laurie

  2. Love the Staffordshire figurines and the blue and white plates. Looks like it was a fun trip. Kathy

  3. Scott's is on my bucket list. My (ex) SIL lives in Milton and has offered to take me--gotta go. That teapot is gorgeous. How is Sister going to use it? Can't wait to see your picture.

  4. Tamyra, This is one of my favorite vendors too! I love Staffordshire and the silver teapot is fabulous! I always start in the south building too. Scott's is one of my favorite places to visit. Thanks for sharing your inspiring photos!


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