27 March 2014

The Hunt Prints are Finally Up

Back in November I took a trip to Scott's Antiques.  While there I found  few things (as I always do) and a set of 3 old hunt prints were among those.  Honestly, when I bought them I didn't have a clue just where they would go but I knew...I'd find a spot.  Fast forward to last week, my antique buddy was over and I insisted that she help me find the perfect spot for those.  For crying out loud they've been sitting behind the chair in our bedroom since I brought them home.  So here they are, hanging above our antique desk.  Hanging them almost up to the crown really draws the eye up!

The same friend saw this foot bath last week when we were at Chanticleer in Pine Mountain and insisted I get it....like she had to twist my arm... NOT!
The little crest is a replica I picked up at Scott's.


  1. Tamyra, I love your prints and you found the perfect spot to hang them! We need to meet in Pine Mountain one day and go shopping! You are always finding the most amazing items there! You have a lovely home!

  2. Betsy, you name the time and the day and I will meet you over in Pine Mountain! Thanks for the sweet words!


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