16 April 2014

A Southern Front Porch

Have you noticed that the front porch has seen somewhat of a revival?  We use them as added rooms for our homes.   We decorate them for all the season, we adorn them with plants of all shapes and sizes.  We even "furnish" our front porches with chairs, tables and I've even seen mirrors.  So much more are done to a porch now than in the day of just hanging a wreath on the door.  The last house we had had a porch that wrapped around all the way to the back of the house, I really miss that porch!  This house doesn't have a covered porch and while it is on a wish list it doesn't seem that will happen any time soon.  So I have to oogle everyone else's porch!  Last week I shared Friend's screened porch, you can catch that post here.  While I was there taking those pictures, it was the perfect opportunity to take pics of the front porch as well.
This is the view of their house, I should mention they just had new windows installed and the painter had not painted one of the casings should you notice that.

I positively adore all the french doors that she has on the front of the house!
 White wicker just screams southern porch to me and I love how she has that mixed with the plants and and various pieces of wrought iron.

This corner might be my fav with the antique wicker cart holding a cloche and demijohn...be still my heart!


  1. Your friend's house is beautiful and I love how she has decorated her front porch. Beautiful colors, accesories, antiques pieces, statues, fountain, everything! Lovely!

  2. Your friend's porch is so inviting! I love the fountain and urns! Her choice of colors, furniture and accessories is perfect! Happy Easter!

  3. Just beautiful....I would love to know the color of your friend's house....the main exterior....is that a dark grey? It is so gorgeous..... I think we need to see the inside of this pretty place!!!!! Thanks for the tour! enjoyed it very much!


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