01 April 2014

Spring Time in the South

The pictures in this post are too pretty not to share with all of you again this year.  After such a long winter is seems especially nice to see the azaleas in bloom.  
  It is a well known fact here in our little town, that my in laws...aka Pie & G-Dad, have the absolute prettiest yard.  They have even been awarded Prettiest Yard in our fair town.  People come from far and near to have their children photographed there.  It should be noted that G-Dad spends countless hours seeing to every square inch of the yard.  The brother in law owns a nursery business so he makes sure that Pie has every bloom her heart could desire.  So stroll with me through the garden at the Manor on Kimberly.

Now this bench has a little story and it goes something like this.  On my in law's 45th wedding anniversary, G-Dad had worked all day in the yard and thought it might be nice to have a spot to sit down. So he went on a mission to find just the right something, he came home from one of our local garden shops and put this bench in this very spot.  He called it their anniversary bench.  Many afternoons you can drive by and see the two of them sitting on their anniversary bench enjoying a cup of coffee.  It is perhaps my sweetest thought of the two of them!

I also have a favorite spot in their yard that holds a very dear memory for me.   On the morning of our wedding, my Mother realized that the Hubs pants were not hemmed.  So in a mad panic I dashed over to the would be in laws for Pie to get him up and pin them so Mother could hem in time for the wedding.  During all this commotion G-Dad said to me, "come, sit in the swing with me while they fix this."  So we sat and swung and talked for a while and 23 years later I have no idea what we talked about.  But on the morning of  most of our anniversaries I recall that time in  swing with my father in law.

Is it spring time where you are?
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  1. Tamyra, your in law's yard is stunning! I love the story about the bench and swing! I love every inch and would never go inside!

  2. Wow, love it! Totally gorgeous and I would love to take a leisurely stroll or have a picnic there....

  3. What a gorgeous garden! It's pretty warm here in NC for a few days and it's definitely Spring, but our trees haven't leafed out yet. I can see little bits of green on some trees and can't wait! Been working in the yard transplanting and cleaning things out.Your in-laws yard belongs in a magazine!

  4. OH MY! Tamyra your gardens are Fabulous! I wish I had some blooms way up North here.Just picture perfect!


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