30 April 2014

Graduation Invitation Options

How is it even possible that I have a child graduating from High School?!  I mean, ya'll it really does seem like just yesterday that I was walking him down that hall to Kindergarten.  Whether I am ready or not he WILL graduation in late May.  This year has been a flurry of activities all relating to being a Senior.  Just as school finished last year they lined them up for Senior pictures and so it went from there.  Then came the cap and gown order and at last, the invitations.  There are so many options for invitations these days.  Even the schools have a wide variety to chose from.  We and by we I mean...I... selected the invitations we would send.  I don't think that Andrew even cared to be honest.  When the order form for the tradition school invites came I knew that just wasn't what I wanted.  Tiny Prints.com has had some of the most darling of all invitations that I have seen.  But the picture I wanted to put on the invitation wouldn't work, so their program said!  After that revelation  I went with one that didn't have a picture on the actual invite and knew I'd just have to enclose the ones we ordered from his formal portraits. So here are those from Tiny Prints.

Then I decided that I just wasn't going to give up on ordering one with the picture I actually wanted to send.  We took this last summer at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island (a fav spot of ours).  So just for kicks I looked online at what CVS Photoshop had to offer.  Guess what?  I loved theirs too!  At .99 each I just couldn't resist ordering some those too.

So here they are side by side.  Which ones do you like or would you opt for that traditional school on the front?  After all this I still can't pick a fav!
 This is an exciting time for Andrew and we couldn't be more proud of all of his accomplishments!


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