08 October 2014

Changing up the Mantle

Change is always a good thing right?!  It wouldn't be the home of a blogger if vignettes and wall art didn't change every now and then!  I was at a antique store and spotted a gorgeous oil painting that I knew I had to have.  No clue where I would put this newly acquired painting but it deserved a prominent place in our home.   All over the house I walked around with the "dogs" as we refer to them trying to see where they would look best.  I loved them in the bedroom but Honey, not so much. The most serious consideration for the dogs was in the dining room, looked great with the wall color but then Bestie N popped over and suggested the mantle.  It was a  perfect fit for that spot and then as luck would have it, I stumbled upon these two whippet dog statues just begging to come home with me.   The boxes were already on the mantle but just shifted to the other side and the plate was a fabulous find over at Chanticleer in Pine Mountain.

It is almost as if the drapes frame the mantle.  Just so you all know, I love those drapes as much today  as I did the moment they were hung.

Don't you just love it when a spot in your home just comes together, I sure do!

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