17 December 2014

Dining Room at Sweet Home Plantation

When I visit older homes quite often I find that I get caught up in my own imagination of what life might have been like in that home.  I can just imagine all sorts of scenarios.  The dining room at Sweet Home Plantation is no exception!  The marble around the fireplace is gorgeous and the itty bitty bit of brick that you see around it just sets it off.

The loose design of the arrangement gives a less formal feel to the room.

There are identical plant stands in front of either window, I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw them.  Rest assured I will be acquiring a plant stand for my dining room by the end of the week!

I adore how they attached a wreath on the front of the china cabinet, truly something unexpected!

Apologies at my shaky looking picture, I took all these with my phone and clearly I wasn't too steady at this point.  For whatever reason I focused on the wall vignette as opposed to the piece of furniture that was beneath.  Don't you just love how the red transferware was hung?

 photo signature_zpsea91d061.png

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  1. Beautiful dining room....I am getting a serious crush on the urn as a centerpiece...thats my favorite!


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