18 December 2014

More Pretty Pictures

Can't help but be a little sad as I bring the close to my posts on the interior of Sweet Home Plantation. There isn't anything about this wall vignette that I don't love!!!

The way that the art was hung on this wall is almost as if they worked in sections of the wall.  Yet all of these "sections" come together to make a spectacular gallery wall!

It was in this very room where I decided I would absolutely "have" to have a chamber pot!  To say that my 94 year old Grandmother thought I had lost my mind when I told her would be an understatement!

The historic home boasts a large foyer as most homes in this time period would.  This gallery of portraits adorned with Christmas greenery was just the right touch!

The unique and interesting arrangement is what I've chose to show you as we leave the interior tour of Sweet Home Plantation.

You won't want  to miss the last stop on the tour of Sweet Home Plantation, so be sure and come back soon!
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