17 February 2015

The Garage {Before}

In my post about putting the film on the french door in the garage I eluded to what a disaster the garage was.   You might wonder why it was such a disaster...here is my excuse. We left the house in Savannah that had an attached 2 car garage and also a detached 1600sq ft. garage(with an apartment).

 There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss this house.  All I can think about is how fab it would be to blog about all of the great spaces it had!  Moving on, the next 2 photos are of the detached garage.

 So we had accumulated a whole lot of stuff that now had to be squeezed into the garage here.

  To say that the purge was going to have to be great, as in BIG would be an understatement.  The whole process of who had stuff that was gonna have to either be pitched or at best reevaluated as to whether we needed it or not was something else.  Neither of us wanted to part with anything but it became clear that we both had to compromise.  The previous owners had left gallons and gallons of paint that were taking up valuable real estate and it had to be discarded.  Toss in that I had repainted every. single. room in the house so I had paint that needed to go too.  Honey is a hunter so we had lots of hunting and sporting clay equipment that needed to be rehomed.  Cat carriers….take up lots of room and we have 4 of them.  And the car….it too needed to be able to get in and out of the garage with ease!
So….here is my ultimate pics of shame…..Carrie Underwood is singing in my head right now…”my Mama would be so ashamed.”

 I should tell ya’ll this stuff, all of it was on a shelf and was pulled down in order to paint…it wasn’t just all in the floor like this.  Now what ya’ll also need to know that in Auburn you can put stuff out by the street but, I just couldn’t bear for all of these neighbors to see our crap out in front of our house.  But close to our neighborhood on the side of a big old highway are dumpsters that folks that live in the “county” can place their garbage.  So I ask the boys to help me on a covert ops mission of running to the dump.  Boys like to do that at any age I think…covert missions.  Why were they covert missions…we city folks aren’t suppose to use those dumpsters but we all really do for just such as this! 

Okay…there it is…all my shame in just a few photos!  But when you see the new and improved after photos you won’t even remember the horror of stuff!

Pinky swear!


  1. Can't wait to see Tamyra! Our garage needs some tidying too it's just too cold to do it now!

  2. I can't wait to see your organized garage. I really need some motivation to tackle ours. Right now my excuse is that it's too cold be out there!


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