09 March 2015

Gorgeous Guest Bath

Last week I was over at a friend's home that I've been too many times and every time I go I insist on seeing her Guest Bedroom and Bathroom.  Her home has the most fantastic bathrooms of which I am totally jealous of (mine aren't great).  But there is just something about her guest bathroom that makes me just wanna hang out in there.  As always I was armed with  my camera and insisted I take a few pics to share with all of you!

There isn't a toile made that I don't positively adore.  The matching shower curtain and valance really set the tone for this bath.

Her walls have a faux finish treatment that very much resembles wallpaper,  I had to rub my finger across it to believe it wasn't wallpaper.  What is not to love with this wall vignette, the planter on the back of the toliet, the shelf holding the Staffordshire and I can't leave off that antique French hat rack holding the hand towel. LOVE!

The antique English chair holding the pitcher/basin makes such a gorgeous statement in the bath but is easily moved from the room should guests require more space.

Of everything in this bath my absolute fav has to be the antique French coat rack that is holding the towels, just perfect!

Did you notice the view of her garden in the last photo, I'd love to have a view from my tub like that, wouldn't you?
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  1. OH I absolutely LOVE IT!! So glad you shared this with us!

  2. Tamyra, I love this bathroom! The Staffordshire and French coat rack are stunning! What a lovely room!

  3. A wonderful bathroom and love the view too!

  4. This is definitely one gorgeous bath. I too, am a lover of toille and this is perfect for this bath. I can see why you love being in there. Cathy

  5. What a pretty bathroom. I can see why you always want to visit it! The hat rack really does make a cute towel holder. I like the mirror and tray above/behind the sink too. That toile is gorgeous. Beautiful bathroom! Kathy

  6. I just adore the window in the tub! I think that it opens the room up and adds so much charm. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your bathroom, but I love the view out the window. How peaceful. LOL

  8. It's so pretty! I love how vintage it looks.

  9. Such a beautiful bathroom. Your friend has amazing taste :)


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