02 March 2015

Let's Get Under the Sink

Each day I open the cabinet doors beneath my kitchen sink and many times it is somewhat of a juggling act.  I'd work to organize and within a few weeks those old habits of just tossing stuff  creep back in.

 Recently, I found a blog, Blue I Style with absolutely loads of inspiration. Finding her blog came at the perfect time as she has an amazing post on organizing underneath her kitchen sink.  With one look underneath her kitchen sink I knew I'd have to copy every single thing!  Except it looked like she had a little more room taking into consideration the way the pipes and disposal are situated.  So I got out the measuring tape and realized how tight it was going to be.
Since we don't have a Container Store close by I knew that I'd need to make what they had at WalMart and Target work.  First up were these drawers that were sold individually, they are narrow by Sterilite.  They were priced around 7 bucks.  I picked up 3 of those and stacked the 2 you see below.  Just like the inspiration post I was able to remove the lid of the upper one.

In case you didn't know you can pick up a host of sponges and scrubbie things at your local Dollar Tree for way less than your local grocery store.

 On the other side of the cabinet I had just a little more space, so I headed to Target to see what they had.  The larger drawer was picked up there.  The dish washer tabs are just tossed into a plastic container we already had.

 The in between space was a little more tricky.  The clear tote holds gloves, scrub brush and an assortment of dish liquids.Let's just call it what it is an obsession for dish liquids, my fav is Williams Sonoma Peppermint that you get during Christmas time!  It makes washing dishes by hand an absolute treat!  The cute little aqua basket holds items I need frequently, trash bags, refill hand soap and Lysol wipes.

In case you haven't had enough of cabinet yet, here is a peak inside both sets of drawers.

At last, here is my finished product!  What an improvement it has been to get this organized once and for all!

The Cricket I've had since they first came out way back when was put to work for this project.  Honestly I know where everything is but the boys...all 3 of them for some reason don't open drawers they just say...Mom where is the....so I figured labeling the drawers might at least help with that!

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  1. I love when things are organized...that looks great!!

  2. I am SO glad I found this post! Underneath my kitchen sink is God awful! The whole rest of my kitchen and house is organized but that area is a mess. I am getting some drawers PRONTO. I will measure and DO THIS!! Thanks!!!!!


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