12 November 2015

When Do You Decorate For Christmas

It is really a loaded question of sorts right?  Folks are very passionate about when they should or shouldn't decorate for Christmas.

Before blogging entered my life, I always and I do mean always decorated during the Auburn/Alabama game which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It helped my nerves, provided a distraction if you will.  After all there isn't a more important football game all year long than this one!

Since becoming a blogger where we haul all our decor out and show ya'll a home tour a month ahead.....it seems I never have hit that mark.

This Year Will Be Different!

The reason this year will be different is that I am part of an online blog hop...my first one ever being a part of so I am absolutely over the moon to have been invited to participate in the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tours.  Our tour will begin December 2. More to come on that later!   My goal this year is to have the interior of our home decorated by Thanksgiving.  Guess this means I will have to keep the blinds closed so the neighbors won't talk!  The exterior, weather permitting will be done the afternoon of Thanksgiving.

Just a peek at the mantle as a work in progress.

So when do you decorate for Christmas? I'd love to hear from you all and what our thoughts are on decorating time frames!

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  1. I am excited to hear you are part of a share group. I always decorate after Thanksgiving, but usually put the tree up Thanksgiving evening. The rest slowly over the weekend. And you are so right, no bigger game. War Eagle.

  2. We usually decorate Thanksgiving weekend...and will again. Hubby and I will put the tree up...then let our grown children decorate and add ornaments. It is fun that way. Hubby and grown son will decorate outside. Ha! Sheila


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