12 May 2016

The Debut of our Master Bedroom

Our rarely seen master bedroom is finally making its full debut on the blog today!  I've struggled with this room since the day we moved in, it just isn't a room that WOWS you... know what I mean?  The 2 homes prior to this had amazing master suites but, ya'll this is just a master bedroom!  Maybe it is the size, it is for sure the smallest master we've had since our very first home.  At any rate, I gotta work with what I got!
Let's first talk about the wall that the dresser sits on, since it has been my biggest challenge.  I'm certain that all the experts and maybe even some of you will say you should never had a tv in the bedroom.  Personally, laying in bed watching TV is one of my fav things to do so, the TV had to be worked around.  I posed that exact statement to a designer and immediately she said "keep the TV."  But she followed that up with a  "you just need to camouflage it."

Then she began to tell me that I needed to put things on the wall and on the dresser to drowned out the screaming TV...so I did and it worked!  Shopping the house yielded more than I had expected, all antiques with the one exception of the shelf.  There are very old certificates of baptism, one in French and the other in German.  I added a lamp along with a tray that holds an assortment of items to include a body powder puff, my Chanel and other crystal bottles.  Clearly you see I have not yet given up my landscape mirror, maybe one day.

 In the reflection of the mirror you can see the opposite side of the room where the bed...without a headboard or foot board insert a sad face here.  When we upgraded to the king size bed the 4 poster bed moved to the guest bedroom and left me headboardless.  Yes I am currently looking for a new headboard but have yet to find what I want at a price I can swing...I won't settle... I can't... I won't!  

The vanity on my side was a gift from Honey last year on Valentine's Day.  I really didn't intend to leave it in the master so as soon as I find another chest, the vanity will head to the guest bedroom.  I wish it could stay but there is just not enough room.

This side of the room is difficult to photograph, there are always shadows!  The door you see heads straight to the master bath.  The door stays open most of the time so I can't really hang any kind of art on that wall.

In the next few weeks I hope to have the bedding I've bought on the bed along with the curtains I've ordered hung.  Cross your fingers they all work together.

Well that is it....our master bedroom.  Be sure and check back to see the changes I've got coming for this room!

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  1. Don't settle on the bed. I had a poster queen bed at one time in the master. When we moved in our current home, we got a king to replace it. I used the queen bed at our Dadeville/lake cabin. I ended up buying a sleigh bed because that was all I could find. I hated it. They were all the rage, but not me. About two years ago, I found a place in Pensacola where I could order a poster bed like I had. It goes so well with the dresser and chest that you would never know it didn't come with them. It makes me much happier! Oh and I personally love the mirror.
    Can't wait to see your new bedding and curtains.

  2. I'm with you Tamyra, I am keeping my mirror and TV as well as that ugly treadmill in my bedroom!! I also agree with you and Sandy, do not compromise on the new bed. You will probably have it for a long time and you need to wait until you find one that you love. I will look forward to seeing your updates!


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