03 May 2016

All Decked Out

After a grueling 2 days of painting the deck along with the outdoor furniture it sure is good to stand back and admire your own hard work.

When we bought the house the deck was already painted so we have had no choice but to keep painting it.  Once in the spring it gets a fresh coat and then before the leaves start to fall in September I give it another coat.  It helps my feeling in the dreaded winter time to have it not look so bad.

Last fall when all the outdoor cushions went clearance at Pier 1 Imports I was able to snag new cushions for a DEAL!

Introducing Mr Avery Dale...yes my cats all have middle names.  Having dinner outside requires locking him up inside as he believes he should dine atop the table!

With the exception of the table and chairs, the wrought iron pieces we've had since 1998 when we bought our first home.  They came from Wal-Mart and have held up amazingly well.  These pieces only need repainting every other year and this was the year!

The grill has moved all over the deck.  This seems to be the best spot due to lighting.  Thankfully the weather permits that we can grill year round!

Blue and white anything can be found in almost every room in the house and the deck is no exception.   I adore how red geraniums look and they attract hummingbirds.  Whatever gets planted on the deck must be able to take the heat and full sun.

I'm busy planning my annual end of the school year lunch with my besties.  This tradition started when the kids were in elementary school and continues even now that all of our kids are in high school.  I'll be sure to share that lunch soon as it happens next week!

Don't miss Make Over Madness tomorrow on the blog!
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