28 December 2017

New Year's Eve Tablescape 2017

It has been several years since we rang in the New Year any where other than home.  Since we are almost always home we typically invite friends over for dinner.  This year I've already started planning the food along with the tablescape.

There is a dish that Honey simply loves called Party Chicken.  I shared the recipe on my friend Marsha's blog, MJStyle last December click here for the recipe.  There will also be a fresh salad with home made ranch dressing along with either a rice dish or maybe Boursoin Potatoes.  I'll work on the recipe for those potatoes as they are also Honey's favs.
As soon as Christmas was over I started working on the table setting for NYE.  As with Christmas, I've also mixed golds and silvers for this table.

 I have to admit that I have been mentally planning this tablescape all year long.  Each time clocks went on sale at Pier 1 I picked up a couple.  We always have these small clocks with the stones and they just look so festive to me.  They match perfectly with the table scatter of rhinestones you also see on the table runner.
 The wedding china always make an appearance on NYE.  My pattern is a  Lenox Presidential pattern and will always be available fortunately!

The party poppers were from last season on clearance!    Love when I get a good deal on something I was gonna buy anyway!

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

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  1. I love your little clocks. They are adorable. Your table setting is a classic and very pretty.


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