26 February 2018

Master Closet Makeover {part 1}

Until house #3 we had not had a closet that had anything other than your standard wire components.
Houses 3&4 both had custom closets that were divine.  The photo below is of the Oklahoma house prior to our moving in.  When we would tell people where we lived they would always say "oh you have the house with the closet."  Seriously ya'll they said that.  It was pretty dang incredible.

This photos has all of our stuff in it.   Honey's side of the closet mirrors this side.  This closet was as large as my kitchen in our current home.

Note the stucco room on the second floor, that entire space is the closet.

Then we moved to Auburn and we were back to the standard wire set up.  Let me just say I really missed those closets!  To say that I wanted a closet makeover would be an understatement.  The 3 things stopping me from changing my closest were cost, I had no idea what I really wanted or how to do it.  I can't even begin to tell you the hours I've logged on Pinterest, Lowe's and Home Depot's websites trying to plan out or pick out a closet system.  Initially, I thought I wanted a system like I had in the previous homes that looked like wood.  Then a few of my fav bloggers began to sing the praises of Elfa from The Container Store.  Enter the closet of my dreams...until the reality of the expense of their system.  On the day that I wrote down exactly what I'd need from their website and the corresponding cost I closed the tab on my computer and walked away.   I'm certain their system is worth every single dime, it just wasn't in my budget.   More months pass and in frustration I google "closet systems like Elfa."  Rubbermaid's Closet systems popped right up.

 Finally, I have something I can work with on 2 fronts affordability and function.  Please know that this is not an ad, this is not a sponsored post for Rubbermaid.

Long before my handyman started the demo on the closet I began the purge.  This happened even before I selected a paint color.  This was a smart move as all my clothing laid on the living room sofa for well over a week.  I'd also made the decision to make sure the contents of my closet belonged there and if not were rehomed to a new location.  In regards to paint, my first thought was to paint something pretty, maybe a blush or soft turqoise.  Then I decided maybe just a nice clean neutral would be best.  It was a smart move to go neutral considering the weeks and I do mean weeks I spent searching for "pretty storage bins."

Next came flooring.  Have I mentioned that we have a 15 year old bulemic cat.  Oh and his favorite spot to be bulemic is in MY closet! #nobueno

With carpet out as an option, I opted for laminate flooring(easy cleanup)it is after all a closet so no need for something super pricy. I found a very affordable option and by very translate that to cheap laminate.  I heaved 2 boxes into the shopping cart and headed out.  Best I recall they were just a bit over $15 per box.  As I headed to check out, I couldn't miss this large display of clearance laminate.  Ya'll it was $10 a box and looked exactly like what was already in my cart.  Flooring for $20....SCORE!!!!

It turned out to be perfect for this project!

Be sure and come back tomorrow as I share the makeover reveal!
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  1. Oh my goodness Tamyra. Your flooring looks so good. And what an amazing price. Can't wait to see the rest tomorrow.


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