27 February 2018

Master Closet Makeover Reveal

This might possibly be the most excited about a makeover that I have ever been!  Yesterday I shared with you about my closet dreams and some of my selections for the closet makeover.  You can read about that here.
Before you see my closet makeover you need to see the before.  It isn't pretty... it is pretty junky!  I can't even believe that I'm sharing this with the world but, to appreciate what I have now you need to see the before.

In my previous post I did say that I had to rehome many things from my closet, you can kinda see that now.  There was so many things in the closet that just didn't belong there and I mean lots!  Some of it was shuffled to other closets, some of it was sold at a consignment sale and lots went to Salvation Army!

So after years and years of  dreaming about a closest makeover...here it is!

Home Free Rubbermaid Closet System Master closet

One thing I'd like to point out, I did not stage my closet for photos.  This is everything that should belong in my closet.  It is either hanging up or in storage containers.  I'm sure you are wondering why I have my pants hanging like this, I despise that crease that often times happens across the middle of them and this keeps that from happening.  Yes, they do take up more space this way but I'm okay with that since ironing is not my fav chore!
Rubbermaid Home Free Closet Systems
 As the seasons change I am certain that I will move my colder weather attire to the back of the closet and the summer stuff up to the front.  All of my t-shirts are folded in the off white fabric bins on the shelves.  Scarves are also stored in the smaller fabric bins.

Rubbermaid Home Free Closet System

The small 3 drawer container houses makeup that I either have extras of or is not being used at the moment.

The shelving at the end of the closet holds bins that contain items not used too often like my machine for asthma.  I'm happy that doesn't have to come out too often!  In the drawers are my unmentionables.  Command hooks hold some of my costume jewelry pieces.
Rubbermaid Closet Systems Master Closet

The 3 drawer tote holds my numerous pairs of shoes, mostly flip flops.  Not sure why I still have most of those since I can hardly wear them since my foot has been broken.

The storage tubs are from WalMart and were the color I searched everywhere for.  There are tubs for purses and my reuseable bags.  I have an extra tub that I will put blankets in when they come off the bed in the summer.  Why tubs?  My closet often gets dusty so this keeps everything dust free!

Since the closet underwent the transformation I have truly enjoyed it.  It has been easy to keep everything organized.  No more just throwing clothes on the shelves to deal with later.  The closet system was easy to install with easy to follow instructions.  It is a closet system that I'd definitely use in any of our other closets.  Honey's closet is next on the list!  This is not an ad and I was not paid for my opinions with the Rubbermaid Home Free Series.

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  1. Looks great Tamyra. You have made me at least want to repaint my closet!

  2. Great closet makeover Tamrya. Your closet looks so functional and pretty. Enjoy.

  3. Great job on your closet Tamyra. It looks so well organized.


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