28 May 2018

The Before and the After Home Tour:The Exterior

The home tour on our blog is one of the most viewed pages I've had.  I'm starting a series of the before and afters of each room in this our 5th house.  Today, we are taking a look at the exterior.  I'd like to mention that several of these photos were taken over 11 years ago and were from a film camera, their quality and clarity are lacking.

Curb appeal....this house had absolutely none!  I recall when we drove down the driveway thinking this was nothing special.  The house had no shutters on any of the windows.  Ya'll what an inexpensive fix. I believe the shutters were $400, the difference they made was worth much more!

The landscaping was minimal at best.  There wasn't one shrub left untouched....most were ripped out and some were relocated.  The bulk of the shrubs were builder grade so out they went!  The landscape architect that design our yard told me that we needed movement in the yard....so our actual lawn is circular, with curvy sides.  Mostly my husband was thankful there wasn't a huge yard to be mowed! HA!

When I look at  before photos it always drives home how much the landscaping changed the exterior of our house.

Here is a reminder of the house we were leaving in Savannah....I still miss this house!

This photo shows what the house looked like shortly after the landscaping was completed.  Big improvement right?!

An autumn blaze maple was installed in front of the living room windows and ya'll what a great change that single tree made in the scale of the house!  I would highly recommend this tree as it has grown very quickly and is gorgeous in the fall of the year.  Can you believe how much it has grown from the photo above to the photo below!

This tree is called a Vitex.  It is suppose to attract butterflies, it does attract bumble bees.  In the winter there are seed pods that the birds seem to love.  It is a great buffer type tree and definitely softens the edges of the house.  My only problem with this tree is it is a bit on the sloppy side.  

The front door was blue when we bought the house.  I painted it red upon the suggestion of the first interior designer I had.  For those that don't know, I'm not much of a red person.  I found that with my red brick house the red door just faded away and was just lost.  For now the door matches the shutters, a grey.  

I hope you've enjoyed this look back at the exterior of our house.  I look forward to sharing more of the before and afters!


  1. I think your tree is Vitex....vyanse is a drug :^0
    The tree probably has purple flowers....the bees and hummers love them!
    Your home is beautiful....you have done a LOT of work and it has been successful! I can certainly see why you still miss the home in Savannah though....it is gorgeous!!

    1. I'm not sure why I have just now found your comment! Yes it is a Vitex. I searched and could never find what I was looking for!!! Thanks so much!!!


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